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Sailboat Bow

Sabre Trading Systems

I had been interested in trading since 2013. During the Pandemic lockdowns, I hade developed my own system of trading based on all the lessons I had learned during the previous seven years. 

I named my system, Sabre (as in sword) as I often said that my system "cuts through the noise of the markets." I also came up with the slogan "Trade like a Pirate" since I taught my system using nautical terms to avoid trading 'jargon' and "keep it simple."

After teaching a friend and fellow trader my system he encouraged me that I couldn't hide this under a basket: I had to share it with the trading community. 

Today I am proud that Sabre is being used in over 30 countries across the seven seas.

If you would like to learn how the market works or how to trade, I would welcome you to join our "crew" at

The Ketogenic Lifestyle

After being "sick and tired of being sick and tired." I found the best advice I could about how to lose weight effectively, simply, and safely. I came across the low-carb, high-fat, moderate protein system known as "keto". After some research I came up with a methodology to lose the weight I wanted in the timeframe I wanted and have been blessed to not only shed 60 pounds of unwanted fat in six months, but I have also shared my story with others and they have had similar stories. 


I have posted my initial story in this series of articles. and will continue to post more as I come up with them. 

My Approach
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